Red Bull Force Back 2020

14th Jan 2020

Red Bull Force Back 2020

As part of the NZ Realtors Network, TSB Real Estate is proud to be associated with their sponsorship of the Red Bull Force Back Force Back 2020 tournament currently underway in locations around NZ.

The national final will be hosted by Beauden Barretts home club, here in Taranaki. Teams crowned NZ champs then go on to play Beaudy and mates in an exhibition match.

Otago - 11 Jan (COMPLETE)
Canterbury - 12 Jan (COMPLETE)
Wellington - 18 Jan (COMPLETE)
Waikato - 19 Jan (COMPLETE)
Auckland - 1 Feb
Taranaki - 29 Feb (NZ Final)

Be sure to get out + support this great event.

Full details here >